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A River Session: Mark & Sara

July 26, 2017

I had such a blast exploring this sweet little slice of heaven with Mark & Sara! My goal was to start off with a few traditional shots to get them comfortable in front of the camera, as this was their first session together. Mark was a bit bashful at first, so Sara naturally took the reins & got him to focus his attention off of the session itself. Once I saw their love for one another unfold, we eased our way into the river & that's when their true personalities came pouring out! It's funny thinking back on this day, as I often had to motion with my hands to guide them, since the rapids were so darn loud, but they fell naturally into position. I love to play around with funky angles, which was perfect for this location, so they could just kick back and relax with the sounds of the river flow and take in all the beauty that sunset had to offer. My favorite part of our evening was watching them splash around and giggle like children! Both of them tried to not get drenched, so it was more of a contest to see who could run out of the line of fire faster. Their playfulness never faded & the connection they share is very evident. These two souls were definitely meant to find one another & I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to document them!