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Adventures With Lucas

August 3, 2017



When Lucas' father, Eric, contacted me about photographing his son, I wanted to be sure to make it an exciting adventure for the both of them. After bouncing around some ideas for a while, we decided the beach would be the perfect location to chase the sunset! As I arrived at their home, the two of them drove up the driveway on a four wheeler and Lucas was nothing but smiles and giggles right off the bat! It didn't take him any time at all to warm up to me, and insisted that I meet their animals. We spent some time feeding the horse and goats, searching for the chickens, and chasing all the ducks. Once he wound down from the excitement and heard " beach & ice cream", he immediately obliged and made his way into his car seat. As soon as Lucas was released from the stroller at the beach, he walked toward the shore, dipped his toes in the water & boom! full body flop right into the waves! I can honestly say, our time at the beach exceeded my expectations & Eric letting Lucas splash around in the water was the perfect scenario to capture his true essence! I love when kids are being kids! It allows me to embrace my inner child and fills me with so much excitement! Another reason I love working with kids, is that it challenges me to shoot at their eye level, which makes for much more interesting angles. My goal when shooting with small children, is to allow all of those that see each photo, to perceive the environment the same way the child views the world. I loved seeing the shimmer in his eyes as he explored the shallow water, playing with his dad and orchestrating waves with a nifty piece of driftwood he found. Once the sun began to set and the air cooled, Lucas got changed into dry clothes and we wandered to the rocks to take in those last bits of golden hour. One quick burst of "who wants ice cream?" and we were off to What's The Scoop for milkshakes and glaciers!