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Sunrise Engagement: Jared & Misty

February 25, 2018


A session for the books! Never did I imagine shooting a sunrise session in the dead of winter, but when I asked Misty if her and Jared would be up for the challenge, her yes came swooping into my inbox in almost an instant! I've known Jared and Misty for a few years now, and was so excited when she reached out to me to announce their engagement and asked me to be their photographer! 


Jared & Misty met while she was running an open volley ball group in Old Forge. Misty was actually back packing in Europe at the time Jared first started going to volley ball, when another woman took care of things while Misty was gone. When Misty finally returned home, they would meet up with the group to play a few days a week. Then one day while on the court, Jared made a silly face at Misty through the net, and asked if she was still be his friend if he looked like that, and she died laughing and thought there's either something wrong with him or he was one of the funniest guy she had ever met! Jared believes that's when Misty fell for him. One of Jared's cousins played on the team and told Jared to ask her to go with him to his cousin's wedding. Jared refused to ask her such a thing since they only knew each other a little bit, and thought that a wedding was too big of a thing to take her to for their first date. But he told Jared if he didn't ask her, he was going to do it for him, which he did, and Misty said yes. The rest was history from there.

Jared asked Misty to marry him with a beautifully crafted collage of photos of them on a wood pallet in tow, and well.. she said yes!


At a whopping 12 degrees, I have to tip my hat to Misty for braving the cold in that beautiful red dress, as I myself was bundled up in about 17 layers that morning! These two love birds arrived at the farm around 6am, all fancied up and ready to adventure! We made our way up to the field just in time to catch the painted skies, and welcome the morning sun. I had such an amazing time with them and am so grateful for having had the pleasure to truly see and capture their essence as a couple. So without further ado, be prepared to fall head over heels!