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Guide: Follow Your Inner Compass

July 30, 2017

"We think we are running things. But unless we reconcile what our unconscious and subconscious fears and motivations are, we are just a child on a bus with a toy steering wheel making 'vroom" sounds with our mouth. We aren't in control of shit. How do you reconcile your subconscious? Get still enough to hear it whisper to you, and then bring it into awareness. How do you get still? Meditation, floating, yoga, breath, ecstatic dance, plant medicine, time in nature.. many ways up the mountain." - Aubrey Marcus




As individuals, and humans, we're very fortunate to have the ability to decide the trajectory of our lives. We're not meant to follow rules that were set into place decades ago. To follow some proverbial timeline that dictates when we buy a house, get married, have kids, limitations on jobs that decide how much we're worth, with only a measly paycheck to survive. We have the ability to thrive. To actually do what we are most passionate about. We're all artists in an ever changing world, why should we follow some imaginary guidelines? Why do we worry about what everyone else is doing, what they have, what we don't?

There were years, hell, most of my life, where I was trying to please everyone. Constantly adjusting my plans, hobbies, dreams, life.. All I wanted was to be the perfect fit for everyone. Whether it was a friendship, relationship, career, even complete strangers. I'd constantly say "yes" to everyone and everything. Even things I absolutely didn't want to do. I somehow felt responsible for everyone else's feelings & desires over my own. I'm not saying you need to be selfish, that's not what this is about. But I believe we all have a purpose. Some sort of calling.

Looking back, which honestly wasn't that long ago, I realize my idea of pleasing everyone is completely unattainable, unrealistic and just an all around waste of time and energy.


Be still long enough to hear your inner voice.




Life is too short to spend all of your time worrying about things that aren't in your control. To try and please everyone, to work yourself to the bone at a job you may not even like. Things that don't push you to be the best version of yourself. That hold you back from following your highest excitement.


Spend time being still. Sit in silence and allow your thoughts to flow through you. It's not going to look pretty at first, but it will wake you up to the things you try to ignore, your intuition craving more.


Journal your thoughts as they pop into your head. Release everything. All of the baggage you've carried for years, that weigh you down. The good, the bad & the ugly. 


Question yourself, "What purpose does this serve me? Why does this matter? Is this something I need to carry with me? Or can I let it go?" You'd be surprised to see how many pointless things you're holding onto. Negativity clouds our minds. It's hard to look at the bright side, with all of the negativity taking up space in your thoughts. We hold onto grudges. We hold onto hate. And after a while we begin to think, "It's just a part of life".


You are capable of anything & everything, you just need to clear your mind. Remove all the bad to make room for positivity, focus & drive. 





Listen to your intuition and let it guide you.Feel the movement, the shifts, follow your inner compass.


Sit peacefully in nature, feel your environment with your 5 senses. Shuffle through each, one at a time, for a few minutes and let your mind drift, wherever it wants to take you.

Take long slow breaths & observe your thoughts. Don't try to change them, or judge them, just notice how each one of them makes you feel.

While spending time in nature, you'll notice you're making new head space, when your mind focuses more on the present moment, than the thoughts in your head. You'll start to blend into your surroundings better & nature will continuously reveal more of itself to you.





You're not crazy for wanting more. More life. More experiences. More love from those who mean most to you & especially more love for yourself.


Practice meditation and breath. Even if only for 5 minutes today, I 
promise it can change your life!


xo Valene



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