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Sunrise Session: Greg & Kim

October 19, 2017


Greg & Kim are undeniably two of the kindest souls on the planet. They were my first official Sunrise Session, and I couldn't thank them enough for waking up at 4am to meet with me at dawn. We started our morning off at the second dam of the ponds, to grab a pop of color from the beautiful autumn leaves. They brought along a few empty bottles of wine they wanted to incorporate into their session, telling me the tale of their reconciliation, which led them to giving their relationship a second chance. Not wasting any time, Greg knew he wanted Kim to be his wife, and so he asked her to marry him, and of course she said yes! The fog was unimaginable that morning, you could barely see six feet in front of you. I had mapped out a big loop to catch each phase of the sunrise the week prior. So once the sky turned from deep blue to orange, I knew we had no time to mess around, so we hurried ourselves to the next destination, just as the environment started coming to life. Kim giggled away as Greg pulled her in for a tight embrace, to warm her up from the brisk morning air. But as the sun illuminated the fog, warmth rushed through our bodies, thawing us from the frost. A couple of very few words, but many laughs shared, which in itself, told me their whole story.