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8 x 10 Lustre Semi Gloss Print


Much like the dream-state, even in the stillest, most silent moments, there's still movement. Our subconscious minds twist & shape images, bringing us messages in glorious visions. Hints & clues to help discern us of our next move. It is up to us to wake each day with gratitude. To thank these tiny subconscious thoughts for showing up & revealing themselves. To fuel our passions & stand firm in our beliefs. To step forward into the unknown because something inside of you tells you it's time. To hold the intention to give & receive. To live fully in the present moment. All that you desire is already here waiting to be manifested, all that's needed is perserverence & you will succeed.


For the entire month of April, each print sold will plant 20 trees!


Larger sizes available upon request, please inquire via the Contact page.


  • All sales are final. If you find that you are unhappy with your oder, please contact me via the Contact page and I will gladly help you!