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12 x 18 Lustre Semi Gloss Print


There are two sides to every coin. For us humans, it is the ego & the soul. Our egos like to conform & keep us in strict guidelines, always trying to show up in the world in a certain way in hopes of being accepted by others. Our souls however, are made up of perfectly imperfect patterns & characteristics that make us unique as individuals. Our souls do not judge, instead they push us eagerly to move past the illusion of our comfort zones, bringing us closer to our life's purpose. Fuel your soul's passions. Allow every creative expression to move through you without force. Allow your authentic self to be seen & heard. Sow your wild seeds & watch them grow, you are beautiful!


For the entire month of April, each print sold will plant 20 trees!


Larger sizes available upon request, please inquire via the Contact page.


  • All sales are final. If you find that you are unhappy with your oder, please contact me via the Contact page and I will gladly help you!